Caring for your metal

Each piece is bespoke and the desired finish has been protected with either a lacquer or a crystalline wax to stop the natural ageing process of the metal and to maintain the finish.

Should the lacquer or wax come off through cleaning, washing or excess heat etc. the finish will change and continue to develop.

Direct contact with acidic liquids like vinegar, sauce, and fruit juices, will accelerate this reaction and the look of the product will change.

As such we recommend that you read and follow the instructions below


Please use warm soapy water only with microfibre cloths. DO NOT use acidic or alkaline based products 


Always use mats when setting down hot plates or cups 


Clean up all spills immediately with warm and soapy water. Acidic or alkaline spills may affect the patina 

 Shaping and bending

Please be advised that bending or shaping the pieces once finished, whether using heat or not, may result in damage to the finish and is not recommended.

Ferrous Metals

Some of these can cause a reaction on copper and brass. Please avoid direct contact with items such as some candlesticks and cast iron pans etc

Heavy use

For heavy use products such as bar and table tops, always:

  1. Clean gently with warm and soapy water 
  2. Use heat mats when required
  3. Avoid scratching
  4. Clean spills immediately 
  5. Re-lacquer if required 
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