When people mention brass, our minds will often be taken back to the brass bedsteads and brass lamps from our childhoods or parents. That’s something of an injustice.

Even though brass has been around forever, it’s one of the few metals that has managed to remain on trend and up to date.

To prove our point, we’re going to share a number of brass bedroom ideas that are so current, you’ll be rushing out to buy something brass!

Brass bedstead

Let’s begin with the classic brass bedstead. It may evoke memories of days gone by but it’s a style that’s still current and still very much sought after.

The colour and patina of brass is eternal. All that changes are the forms it’s used in and the shapes it can be moulded into. Everything else has the depth and character it always has.

Brass mirror

Brass mirrors come in all kinds of shapes and styles, from the contemporary to the Louis XIV. Each evokes a different feeling, but for a luxury bedroom, we’ll go with the more elaborate design.

This mirror is top heavy and looks amazing. A simple square frame bordered by a modest brass frame with embellishments in each corner and that fancy design on top.

Check out those taps too!

Brass wall panels

Brass wall panels make a bold statement and must be done right to work at all. We like aged brass wall panels for this as they can have more character and offer a darker, less shiny patina suitable for bedrooms.

Go big or go more and smaller, it’s entirely up to you. With the range of aged brass finishes available, there’s a look here to suit everyone!

Brass ceiling lights

Brass ceiling lights are another way to enjoy the luxury of brass without going over the top. Use wall lights if you have them, use pendants, go for a chandelier with brass fittings, have your design your way.

The great thing about brass is that it can be relevant to any type of style and design, from minimalist all the way to maximalist.

Brass detailing

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really make a design. Take these skirting board corners. A simple idea that could be plain and unremarkable or a signature of a room with a little creativity.

This type of luxury won’t suit every design but if it suits yours, it’s unusual enough to really stand out.

Brass door and drawer handles

Brass door and drawer handles can work exceptionally well against dark cabinets or furnishings but can work anywhere. Handles let you add a touch of class to any space without spending a fortune.

These aged brass handles work amazingly well against the dark background but can come in all shades and colours.

Brass wall art

Brass wall art is another decorative piece limited only by your taste and imagination. Any shape, any size, any design and age shade of brass. Aged brass brushed or natural, anything is possible.

Keep it subtle with smaller pieces or go big with a wall-sized installation. Either way, you’re levelling up your bedroom and adding more than a touch of class.

There are a huge number of ways you can use brass to add a touch of luxury to a bedroom. It doesn’t have to be a particular style or colour, it can literally be anything.

Hopefully these examples provide the inspiration you need to embrace brass and make it a feature in your next design.


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