Do you have an empty fireplace and don’t know what to do with it? Perhaps you’re renovating a house and need inspiration for an old fireplace?

If so, you’re in luck as we have a tonne of empty fireplace ideas to help!

Thankfully, the days of ripping out character fireplaces and boarding over are long gone. Most of us know and appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a period fireplace, or the allure of something even older.

There’s a whole movement based around making use of an empty fireplace and Halman Thompson is right there with them.

If you have an empty fireplace and are struggling for inspiration, how about one of these ideas?

1. A little bit of everything

If you can’t settle on one thing, why not include all things? This example of an empty fireplace includes a plant, lights, candles and a small basket.

Each piece is small and subtle enough to work with the other, and adds interest to an otherwise empty space.

2. Logs and lights

Lots of empty fireplace ideas feature lights, but if it works, why not? This example features lights but also reflects the original purpose of the fireplace with a log display.

The candles and decorations outside work well and the fairy lights add a little extra interest. What’s not to like?

3. Painting a thousand words

This may be an unconventional way to fill up an empty fireplace, but it works in some strange way!

If you have, or can find, a picture with a frame that fits, this is a unique empty fireplace idea that’s sure to spark conversation.

4. Copper fireplace

If you want to make a statement with a fireplace, this example certainly delivers. It’s generally more suited to larger rooms, but it’s definitely a great way to use an empty fireplace.

If you want something more subtle, you could flip the script. Place a copper sheet inside the fireplace, rather than on the chimney breast. Decorative aged copper sheets really add that touch of warmth, creating a classy feature within your home.

You could even opt for a gloss lacquer finish to add a touch of shine and make your empty fireplace glow, even without the flames!

Have a look at our copper finishes here.

5. Modern simple

At the other end of the scale, we have modern simple. A plain white chimney breast that matches white walls, with a bold colour within the fireplace itself.

This is one of our favourite empty fireplace ideas as it’s so simple and cost-effective to pull off.

6. In the doghouse

This empty fireplace idea is a bit of fun, but we have included it to prove you really can do anything with a space like this!

It uses the hearth as a dog bed, with water and food outside. If you don’t have a dog, you could place your fish, reptiles or birds there instead.

7. Green fireplace

We could all do with more nature in our lives and this example delivers. It keeps the fireplace simple with neutral tones, with interest added by the plants.

It’s a very effective way to use the space and gives you lots of freedom to choose your own plants, pots and any added extras.

8. Book burning

Are you an avid reader? Need somewhere to put more books? How about your fireplace? It’s not for everyone but if books are a part of your life, what could be better?

This design keeps things simple with a traditional fire surround, and books placed spine-in to keep things coherent. You could also place them spine-out for more texture, but that’s entirely up to you!

9. Backlit fireplace

The focus here isn’t what’s in the fireplace, but what has been done with it. A simple brick hearth with clever backlighting makes this a particularly impressive option.

This is another of our favourite empty fireplace ideas, and proves that simplicity is often best.

10. Free bar fire

This inspired empty fireplace idea could work in many homes.

The hearth is a simple wine rack with a mixture of colour-coordinated bottles. The mantlepiece has glasses ready to fill, but where is the corkscrew?


We hope you liked seeing these empty fireplace ideas, as much as we liked collecting them. There are one or two here that we might use in our own home renovations, too!

How about you?

Looking for more unique interior inspiration? Browse the Halman Thompson blog and explore more of our bespoke metal creations

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