Cheshire finish – 0.9mm 150x150mm Sample


We accelerate the ageing process to create this classic designer finish of rich dark tones of copper, brown and red. There are a number of finish options in this finish including the marbled effect, speckled, or more dramatic areas of light and dark ageing which bring the finish to life

For pieces longer than 2000mm or wider than 1000mm, they will need to be created using multiple sheets.
We can age the pieces together to minimise the join as much as possible. And we recommend that pieces longer than 2000mm are split into 3 equal pieces which tends to look better aesthetically.
Lead times for our samples are 2-3 days from order.
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Finished pieces are lacquered for lasting protection. Cleaning and aftercare instructions accompany each piece

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Gloss, Matte, No Finish


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