Cheshire finish – 0.9mm 150x150mm Sample


Aged copper with a rich array of autumnal tones from a palette of russet, cinnamon and rose, inspired by Cheshire’s stunning Sandstone Trail.

As with all our metals, we hand-age the piece to meet your exact specifications. Choose the pattern of your finish from a delicate marbling, a sprinkle of speckles, or dramatic sweeps of light and dark.

Once you’re happy with the result, we’ll seal the look with lacquer in a matte or gloss finish. The natural, rustic finish of the matte lacquer lends itself well to period properties and wooden details. Gloss, meanwhile, gives a bright finish that lets the myriad tones sparkle and shine.

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Finished pieces are lacquered for lasting protection. Cleaning and aftercare instructions accompany each piece

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