Cheshire finish – Aged copper


Finish Description

We accelerate the ageing process to create this classic designer finish of rich dark tones of copper, brown and red. There are a number of finish options in this finish including the marbled effect, speckled, or more dramatic areas of light and dark ageing which bring the finish to life

For pieces longer than 2000mm or wider than 1000mm, they will need to be created using multiple sheets.
We can age the pieces together to minimise the join as much as possible. And we recommend that pieces longer than 2000mm are split into 3 equal pieces which tends to look better aesthetically.
Lead times for our pieces is 3-4 weeks from order. If you need sooner please let us know and we will do our best to help

Bespoke Commissions

Do you need a different thickness? Require laser cutting? Are you looking to create a bespoke product for items such as bartops, furniture, custom cabinetry, table tops, decorative wall cladding?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Depending on the size of the project we aim to complete within 3-4 weeks. Need something quicker? Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

What thickness does a splashback need to be?

0.9mm is the recommended thickness for splashbacks 

Will the finish be the same as shown?

We use the finish as a starting point but please note that all finishes are bespoke and may not be exactly the same as images shown on the site.

We work with you to achieve the right finish for you.

Are the pieces easy to take care of?

Yes, and you'll be sent complete aftercare instructions with your order.

What are the largest sizes that can be made?
Our largest sheet is 2000x1000. Any larger pieces required will need to be produced in multiple sheets. We will age the pieces together to minimise the visibility of the join as much as possible. 
2800mmx900mm would need to be ordered and supplied in 2no 1400mmx900mm 
2800mmx1200mm would need to ordered and supplied in 4no 1400mmx600mm
Tip: splashbacks often look better aesthetically when split into 3 pieces. 
How can I apply metal sheets to a wall?

For fixing onto walls, plaster, bricks, or any other solid flat surface, we recommend most epoxy resins or liquid nail products.

What is the cost of shipping for large pieces?

For pieces longer than 1300mm we advise shipping on a pallet for best protection. A £50 shipping cost will be added to such orders.

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