Pembrokeshire Finish – 0.9mm 150x150mm Sample


Gleaming aged copper with deep earthy tones like umber, burnt sienna and salmon pink, inspired by glowing sunsets on Pembrokeshire’s rugged coastline. Pembrokeshire delivers the interest of aged metal with the glossy finish of natural copper; the best of both worlds and a real statement-maker.

As with all our designs, we hand-age the copper sheet until it looks exactly like you envisaged. Choose from a range of effects including soft marbling or contrasting swathes of light and dark. We then refinish with our formula that leaves a dazzling, metallic finish – with the patterns still visible beneath.

Once we’ve achieved the perfect aesthetic for you, we seal with a ceramic finish that preserves the unique look and protects it for many years to come.

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Finished pieces are lacquered for lasting protection. Cleaning and aftercare instructions accompany each piece

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Gloss, Matte, No Finish


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