Handcrafted Aged Table Top With A Beautiful Patina

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Northumberland aged copper tabletop with turqoiuse patina in a dining room

Take a look at this handcrafted metal tabletop featuring our aged copper sheet in our signature Northumberland finish.

Expertly aged by hand, this copper table top boasts a stunning blue-green patina effect, drawing inspiration from the stunning seascapes and beaches of our local county. The finish mixes earthy tones of natural copper with whorls of verdigris in shades of turquoise and jade for a true visual delight.

Our aged copper table top makes for an eye-catching addition to this dining room, complemented by matching teal chairs that accentuate the patina. The glossy finish not only adds a brilliant shine but also accentuates the unique qualities of the bespoke tabletop, making it a standout feature in any space.

This project beautifully demonstrates how furnishings can play a pivotal role in elevating the overall interior design of your home. 

We can create metal table tops in all different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements… What would you choose?


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November 30, 2023