Round Brass Table Tops For Stylish Wine Bar

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food and wine presented on a round brass table top in a wine bar

The Cobbles is home to six of these round brass table tops which perfectly match their unique atmosphere and sophisticated style.

We recently completed a project to create these stunning additions for this iconic wine bar in Windsor.

The timeless design of the handcrafted table tops marries the 400 years of history found in this 17th Century Drury House, adding character and charm to the refined aesthetic of this place.

If you too want to level up your interiors and add a touch of elegance to a space, a brass table top will do just the trick. Fit for the finest of dining, they’re ideal for bars, restaurants and kitchens, but also barber shops, antique stores, or even the home.

We think they look amazing and, from the comments we have seen so far, so does everyone else!

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August 29, 2023