Somerset Brass Table Tops for Missy Milieu

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beautiful Somerset finish brass table top in gloss for a restaurant bar

We crafted these Somerset brass table tops in a striking gloss finish for the stylish Missy Milieu, located in the heart of Newcastle City Centre. Boasting a beautiful stained glass effect, these exquisite table tops are a true showstopper and prove to be a fabulous addition to the bar’s already stunning interior.

These brass table tops not only provide a sleek shine but also introduce a wonderful textured aesthetic, adding depth and character to the space.

The fusion of style and functionality enhances the ambience of Missy Milieu, offering customers an unforgettable experience at this new Cocktail Bar & Bistro in the Northeast.

Incorporating our brass table tops is a prime example of how subtle design elements can make a big impact in commercial spaces, further elevating the appeal of the venue.


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October 24, 2023