Copper Wall Art

Copper wall art combines the warmth and character of copper with the ability to create bespoke art installations designed to your exact specifications.

Halman Thompson are copper wall art specialists. Our artisans can take any design and turn it into beautiful wall art for any space. Whether it’s in the home, the garden or a commercial setting, nothing offers the style and luxury of copper!

We regularly create copper wall art for bars, restaurants, cafes, businesses, reception areas, offices, garden centres and other spaces. We also provide copper wall art for the home too!

Whatever the size and shape Halman Thompson turns your ideas into reality.

Just contact our team for a personalised quotation and we’ll take care of the rest!


Each of our bespoke finishes can be purchased in sheets cut to your size, perfect for your project.
  • Pricing includes delivery and turnaround time is under 2 weeks
  • Each piece is coated in a gloss finish lacquer that prevents the sheet from further aging


We can provide bespoke cut metal with each of our finishes being wrapped around wood and lacquer finished.


Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Copper Wall Art Finishes

Copper wall art is available in two distinct finishes. Natural copper with all the warmth and chic appeal of this loveliest of metals or aged copper.

Aged copper is available in a range of attractive finishes with distinct patinas and timeless appeal.

Aged copper wall art can be finished in a tough transparent lacquer to stop the ageing and protect the finish. Natural copper wall art can also be protected by the same lacquer.

If your copper wall art is being used outdoors, we will protect it using a combination of lacquers to keep it looking amazing for the longest time.


Have a design in mind you want made real in copper? Send us the design and we can make it happen!

We regularly work with commissions for one-off pieces and self-designed installations. Our team can laser cut copper sheets to any shape or size to deliver something truly unique.

Just contact our team with your ideas and we will take care of the rest!

Laser cutting is exact and delivers an exceptional finish. It also enables us to create copper wall art in just about any configuration. It’s your opportunity to express your creativity and our opportunity to turn that into a reality.

We can design and create copper wall art for interior or exterior use. Just tell us when ordering so we can finish the product appropriately!

Contact our sales team or complete the bespoke quote form for a fast, free quotation or to discuss your needs.

If you can dream it, we will create it.

In addition to our brass and copper finishes, our team of artisan designers and craftsmen are ready to project into reality.

We work with a variety of woods and metals to create bars, tables, balustrades, staircases, worktops, and much more.

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