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Halman Thompson in the spotlight

Halman Thompson is an artisan metal creator based in the North East, specialising in crafting bespoke products out of distressed, aged or brushed brass and copper.

We have been involved in a range of projects, including the design and manufacturing of tables used in the 2021 G7 Summit in Cornwall and a bar top for the newly renovated Duchy of Cornwall Nursery.

Our brand and products have been featured in various publications, from industry features to design highlights in interior and property magazines, news outlets and more.

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Luxe Magazine

Business partners Sara Halman and Josh Thompson talk about the brand and inspirations behind their bespoke metal creations in an interview with Luxe magazine.


Owner Sara Halman gives insight into the hygienic and practical qualities of brass and copper materials as part of an expert-led discussion on the best countertops for cooking.

Mad About The House

Renowned property and interiors writer, Kate Watson-Smyth, showcases our aged copper worktop as part of a big house reveal on her award-winning blog, ‘Mad about the House’, which also made an appearance in the 25th anniversary issue of Red magazine.

House & Garden

Halman Thompson’s Berkshire bronzed brass is listed as part of a mid-century retro kitchen look by Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay in House & Garden’s top five kitchen scheme ideas.

Daily Mail

Our patina-rich copper worktop is highlighted as a statement kitchen feature that transforms a narrow terraced house into a cosy family home.

Hexham Courant

Prince William unveils Halman Thompson as the designer of the handcrafted copper bar top and plinths for the refurbishment of the Duchy of Cornwall’s Nursery restaurant and bar which was officially opened by Queen Camilla in May 2023.

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Press & Media

Ideal for features in home interiors, kitchen and bathroom styles, bar and restaurant design, architecture, landscape and gardening.

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