Our Clients

We have a wide range of clients, that use our products in a wide variety of ways and on vastly different projects.

Kitchen/bathroom and interior designers

Inspire your clients with our bespoke range of aged brass and copper finishes. One of a kind pieces, and each one made to order. Spashbacks, worktops, cabinetry and decor items.

We can supply the metal sheets on their own in a variety of thicknesses ready to be fit, or we can work with you to design and created end-to-end worktop, tables and cabinets as required.


From feature walls to cladded doors to water features , let our team inspire you with all of the finishes and pieces we can create with you. No project is too big or too small and we enjoy the challenge of how to make a big idea work!

Bar & Restaurant designers

Bespoke designs for bespoke businesses. We know how important both quality and individuality are in this industry, and we can work with you to design high quality, made to order, and 100% bespoke pieces for bars and restaurants.

Table tops, bar tops, bar fronts, and any other decorative surfaces can be enhanced with our unique finishes

Landscape and gardening

Bring gardens to life with our aged brass and copper pieces. From water features and wall cladding to decorative screens, get in touch now to discuss all of the options







Do you need a different thickness? Require laser cutting? Are you looking to create a bespoke product for items such as bartops, furniture, custom cabinetry, table tops, decorative wall cladding?




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