Black is a polarising colour, especially in interior design. Some people say it has no place in modern interiors while others say you can transform a space using it.

We’re in the latter camp and if you feel the same, this post is for you.

We’re going to showcase some amazing black kitchen cabinet ideas that can turn any kitchen into something special.

Monochrome design

Pairing black kitchen cabinets with a light grey floor and white walls keeps everything the same tone without being overbearing. Add the contrasting brass handles and you add a touch of class.

This is how to do black without going over the top. The black window and rafters just add to the look.

Black on black

The black on black look isn’t going to work in every kitchen but it can work. It requires a well-lit space with lots of natural light. Then you can use black kitchen cupboards, black tiles, black floor and white accessories.

You can mix and match the tones, add contrast with a light worktop or keep that black too, it’s entirely up to you.

Copper or brass and black

Copper or brass and black kitchens can work amazingly well. Use black for your kitchen cupboards and fixtures and lighten it up with a copper backsplash, copper taps and pots and pans.

Or make it lighter by using a brass backsplash or worktop to add a touch of the classic to the kitchen. Either way, there’s something about paring copper, brass and black together that really makes a statement.

Mix the old and new

The clever mixing of old and new has been around forever. This example of black kitchen cupboards, sink and backsplash with brass tap and rustic tiles creates a fantastic contrast.

The careful use of marble-effect sink and backsplash helps the two work together in harmony to deliver something completely different.

Metal cupboard doors

A black kitchen with aged brass or aged copper cupboard doors is another way to make a statement. Choose the right metal finish and you could have a statement kitchen that could survive anything you throw at it.

The combination of aged metal and contemporary black is another of those juxtapositions that can work incredibly well in design.

Half and half

The half and half look is another useful interior design device. Using black kitchen cabinets for the lower half and lighter cupboards or shelves for the upper lets you use darks without overloading a space or drinking light.

It works better with dark at the bottom and light up top but you could switch that if your space allows. It’s entirely up to you!

Black and classic

Black and classic is a play on old and new, but a little more extreme. In the image above, we see black kitchen cabinets with a contemporary floor, black taps and exposed brick.

The use of hanging pots and pans makes this design as it fills the space with texture and adds colour and depth.

Black industrial

Yes, we know industrial design has been around forever, but there’s a reason for that. It works amazingly when done well. As it has been here.

The use of black cupboards, light floor and exposed brick is a starker version of black and classic. The inclusion of the black steel walkway and lighting completes this look.


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