Copper is an amazing metal and can be turned into just about anything. Copper is also the metal assigned to a 7th wedding anniversary, providing a lot of scope for gifts and gift ideas.

While suitable for all kinds of anniversaries, we have the 7th wedding anniversary in mind when creating this list of copper gift ideas.

Copper anniversary gift ideas for any celebration

As experts in metal, we are always looking for new ideas, if that happens to coincide with popular events, all the better!

Here are a few copper gift ideas we have found recently.

Copper ring

This copper ring has a Celtic style design that delivers a delicate look. It makes good use of the ability to shape copper into almost anything and would also utilise the flexibility and robustness of the metal.

It’s a great copper anniversary gift idea!

Copper bracelet or torq

Torqs are metal armbands that go back thousands of years. They work similarly to bracelets but are often worn further up the arm.

This version is a very detailed piece with flourishes at either end that add a delicacy that’s hard not to like.

Stylish copper wire bracelet

If the copper bracelet above isn’t to your taste, how about this copper wire version? It’s slimmer and more detailed, but also very attractive.

It has a completely different aesthetic to the one above and is almost Indian in style. We think it would make an amazing anniversary gift!

Copper wall art

Personalised, handmade copper wall art from Halman Thompson, in any design you like. Cut by laser, finished by hand and available in a wide range of finishes.

If you want to make a statement on your anniversary, copper wall art is definitely the way to do it!

White copper bowl

Something a little less substantial but just as impactful is this lovely white copper bowl.

It’s a lovely statement piece that could work in all kinds of room designs and offers practicality as well as a great conversation piece.

Copper mixology set

This copper mixology set is lovely to look at as well as usable for home cocktail making. It would work equally well as a conversation piece as much as a usable way to enjoy an anniversary!

Copper pipe wine rack

We see copper pipe used in all manner of interior décor projects but this has to be one of the best. A well-designed copper pipe wine rack, ideal for 10 bottles of wine. What more need be said?

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