Decorating with warm metallics is part art and part science. It’s also a design trend that can fit into other design trends so it remains current regardless of what’s in right now.

That’s a significant advantage if, like us, you love the warmth and texture of metallics and don’t want to keep having to change them whenever you redecorate.

With that in mind, let’s share some ideas of how to decorate with warm metallics in a range of schemes. There’s sure to be something here that’s perfect for your home!

Copper splashback

There’s something classy, yet powerful, about using a copper splashback in a kitchen.

You get the warm welcome that only copper can deliver with the practicality of a wipe clean metal and a material that’s naturally hygienic and low maintenance. That’s a combination definitely worth trying!

Brass worktop or kitchen counter

A brass worktop or kitchen counter is another way to use warm metallics in a way that can integrate seamlessly into any design.

Brass can come in many forms and finishes. Natural brass is light and bright, while aged brass can add texture and character like few other materials. The metal is also easy to shape, very low maintenance and can last for years.

Metal lighting

It doesn’t have to be the metal itself that is warming, it can also be the effect, like these metal lights.

A simple wired design provides maximum coverage for the light while giving you a great view of the bulb. Choose an industrial bulb and you have a conversation piece that can cost very little. There’s a huge variety of bulb types too, so you have genuine design freedom when pulling it all together.

Metal wall coverings

We know a metal wall covering wouldn’t work in every space, but if yours could support it, there’s nothing quite like it.

You could use a scalloped design like in this image or go for something much simpler like a brushed copper sheet. You could also go for something much more intricate like a carved-style design. With precision laser cutting, anything is possible!

Warm metal accessories

While we’re sharing ideas, it’s important you know using metal doesn’t always have to be about making a statement. You could keep things simple with some accessories and enjoy exactly the same feeling.

There are a wide range of copper accessories available for most rooms of the home. It’s a subtle, yet effective way to bring warmth into a space without spending too much or going over the top. Ideal if subtlety is your trend of choice!

Copper bath

Now roll top baths are back in the mainstream and more affordable than ever, it’s a great time to introduce a copper bath. You could also go brass, but we feel copper has a warmer feel ideal for bathrooms.

Copper plating gives a quality look far superior to decals or copper leaf with a lot less effort. It may cost a little more but when it’s a showpiece, it’s worth investing a little extra for quality.

Brass sink

Our final suggestion for using warm metals is to use a brass sink. Copper works equally well but we have made plenty of suggestions for that. It’s now time for brass to shine.

A brass sink would work amazingly well in the kitchen or bathroom and could work with dark or light schemes. It can be complemented with brass accessories or contrasted with something completely different. The flexibility of the metal means you can do what you like with it!

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