Kitchens with copper accents aren’t going anywhere. And it’s no wonder: with its rose gold glow and the option to add patterns through ageing, copper boosts the aesthetic of any room. But it is in the kitchen that this special metal really comes into its own. Copper conducts heat, is durable, is really easy to clean and even has antibacterial properties. There are so many ways to introduce this wonderful metal to your kitchen design; here are a few for you to peruse.

1. Jelly Moulds

Looking for some quirky wall decor for your kitchen? Start trawling auction sites and antiques shops for old jelly moulds. They’re often made of copper and can be either left patinated or polished up to their original shine. Pick a collection of mismatched patterns and sizes and combine them with other vintage kitchenware for a stunning copper wall art display.

2. Copper Pipes

Copper plumbing pipes are cheap to buy and are perfect for that industrial chic look. We love how the patina of these pipes contrasts with the purity of the white tiles and units. Not into upcycling yourself? You can buy pre-made pan racks like these, as well as light fittings, kitchen roll holders and a host of other home accessories, all crafted from old copper piping.

3. Aged Copper Worktop

Give tired counters a brand new lease of life by topping them with aged copper. This is one of our own designs in our signature Northumberland finish, which is shot through with rich swirls of blue-green verdigris. Whether you opt for natural copper or patinated copper like this, your new worktops will look stunning and last for many years to come.

4. Copper Pans

Turn your cooking utensils into a an impressive display with a ceiling-mounted pan rack and gleaming copper pans. This collection was curated by Martha Stewart, American cook and TV personality. OK, so you might not be able to amass quite as many pans as Martha, but even just a few well-chosen pieces could become real talking points in your kitchen.

5. Aged Copper Sink

We never grow tired of seeing copper paired with shades of blue, because it’s such a dreamy colour combination. This deep, Belfast-style basin in aged copper makes a resplendent focal point in a gorgeous, vintage-style kitchen. Thoughtful touches such as an antique clock, old-fashioned weighing scales and burnished copper taps add to the manor-house vibe.

6. Natural Copper Splashback

A deep, statement copper splashback in a shimmering polished finish steals the show in this kitchen. Note the matching copper worktop in the same material, giving off plenty of drama. We love that the sink is in a milled copper, which has a more matte finish. This provides a contrast in texture but continues the impact of the copper colour against the teal blue.

7. Copper Drawers and Cooker Hood

Copper blends in beautifully here with dark, knotty wood in similar tones. Those deep drawers beneath the stove make a statement without being too showy. And a reminder that kitchen appliances don’t always have to come in white or stainless steel: a matching cooker hood takes the flash of copper all the way from floor to ceiling.

8. Copper Stools

An easy way to usher copper into your kitchen without committing to any permanent change: furniture. These classic copper stools make a practical and stylish addition to a breakfast bar or kitchen table. Their cool, clean silhouette works with a variety of styles, from boho to urban. Once you know they work in your space, you can add start to add more copper pieces.

9. Copper Fridge

This clever hack turns a boring old white fridge into a shiny, luxurious statement. An antidote to plain old metallic grey, this look was achieved with the simple addition of some sticky, copper-coloured film. The owner popped a plant on top for added style. If you’ve got the time and patience to wrap your fridge, this project could be worth a whirl.

10. Aged Copper Splashback

Love the kind of decor that has your visitors in awe? Get a jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind look with a distressed copper kitchen splashback, like this one we created. This long splashback stretches along the length of the kitchen worktop, but you could also opt for something smaller to protect just the back of your hob or sink – and achieve the same show-stopping look.

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