Berkshire Bronzed Brass – 0.9mm 150x150mm Sample


This is a lightly burnished, antique-effect brass that we like to call our ‘bronzed brass’. Inspired by Windsor Castle and the sunlit Lambourn Downs, it’s a bright, timeless style.

We hand-age high-quality brass in our workshop, then refinish with a stunning polish that gives you a glimpse of the aged effect beneath. Once we have achieved the look you’ve envisaged, we seal with our ultra-protective ceramic finish.

Berkshire is suitable for anywhere you’re looking for that elegant, antique look. It lends itself especially well to tabletops and bars.

Lead times for our samples are 2-3 days from order.
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This is a lightly burnished and weathered piece of brass that can also be described as ‘antique’

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