Hertfordshire Finish – 0.9mm 150x150mm Sample


Our own bespoke finish, affectionately known as ‘stained glass copper’, we named this dramatic design after the colourful windows of St Albans Cathedral. It mixes natural copper tones with crackles and splashes of vibrant verdigris.

Verdigris is the turquoise-coloured patina that develops gradually on certain metals when they’re exposed to the elements, the most famous example being the Statue of Liberty. We accelerate the ageing process to add these distinctive shades to your piece.

We work on your piece until it reaches the look you have in mind, then seal with a gloss or matte finish.

Hertfordshire is one of our most show-stopping designs, lending itself beautifully to statement walls, kitchen islands, splashbacks and more.

Lead times for our samples are 2-3 days from order.
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Finished pieces are lacquered for lasting protection. Cleaning and aftercare instructions accompany each piece

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