Aged Copper Features for Campervan Refurb

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A campervan refurbishment using aged copper features as the finishing touches to the interior design

We added the finishing touches for this campervan refurbishment using our aged copper sheets – it just goes to show the remarkable versatility of our metal pieces!

These aged copper features, with their eye-catching blue-green patina, create a striking contrast against the campervan’s sleek black interiors and the warm, golden tones of the furnishings.

This project showcases the creative potential of design and illustrates just how incorporating aged copper can give a unique character to spaces.

Whether it’s a campervan, classic car or your home interiors, the addition of copper can instantly elevate the aesthetics and introduce a touch of timeless charm. It’s a versatile choice that transcends traditional boundaries, offering endless design possibilities to make your vehicle or living space truly stand out.


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September 5, 2023