Custom Commercial Somerset Aged Brass Bar Tops

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aged brass table top with stain glass effect in patina

These beautiful custom commercial brass bar tops were handcrafted in our timeless Somerset finish, creating a spellbinding stained glass effect. Brass, renowned for its easy maintenance, durability, and stain resistance, emerges as the star of these bespoke metal creations. The Somerset aged brass creates unique patterns of swirls and shards in various shades of gold which transform each bar top into an individual work of art.

The versatility of our brass and copper products is useful in commercial spaces. Aged brass sheets don’t just enhance bars; they bring a touch of ageless charm to restaurants, cafes, barber shops, antique stores, and any space seeking the enduring quality that only brass can deliver. Brass offers a distinctive look that modern materials simply can’t compete with, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate the elegant aesthetics and promised practicality that bespoke brass bar tops can bring to their establishment.


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November 30, 2023