Northumberland Aged Copper Kitchen Worktop

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Aged copper kitchen work surface

In the kitchen of a new house built by one of our customers, the introduction of a Northumberland aged copper worktop is nothing short of extraordinary. This project showcases the remarkable potential of aged copper in kitchen designs, turning an ordinary space into a haven of style and elegance.

Using 1.5mm thick copper, we wrapped it around a custom-made wooden worktop, and aged it with rich coppers and browns inlaid with beautiful blue and green patina. Our Northumberland finish offers a patinated copper with maximum impact that was perfect for this project.

We run every sheet of copper through an oxidization process, resulting in the development of multiple patina tones, including vivid turquoise greens and deep copper colors. These patinas come to life, especially when accentuated by surrounding lighting, creating an ever-changing focal point in the kitchen.

New build houses offer the perfect canvas for innovative design features, and bespoke metal elements like our aged copper worktop can truly redefine a space.


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October 24, 2023