There’s something about copper that makes it work beautifully in bar design. Perhaps it’s that warm, welcoming glow, similar in shade to malt whisky. Or maybe it’s because copper gets more interesting with age (just like so many drinks). Perhaps, on a purely practical level, it’s because copper is easy to clean and even possesses antibacterial qualities. Whatever the reason, copper and bars go together like bourbon and ginger, or gin and tonic. Here are some stunning examples of captivating copper in stylish bars around the globe.

1. Inns Whiskey Bar, Chengdu, China

Let’s begin with one of the most impressive copper bars on the list: Inns Whiskey Bar in Chengdu, China. Wooton Designers carefully planned the immersive space to evoke the inside of a whisky still. With its curved walls, spherical light fittings and endless textured metal, it oozes comfort and solace.

2. Himitsu Cocktail Lounge, Atlanta, USA

This dark and opulent bar is named ‘Himitsu’, which means ‘secret’ in Japanese. And it suits this place, with its limited seating and strict entry rules (members enter with iris recognition, whilst visitors need a secret entry code). Designer Tom Dixon was inspired by the historical speakeasy bars of America’s Prohibition era. The centrepiece is this dramatic copper bar, a fitting stage for the venue’s masterful mixology.

3. Ketel One Bar, Sarabande Studios, London, UK

This breath-taking bar is the creation of Dutch designer, Tord Boontje. It’s located within the Sarabande Studios in Haggerston, East London. A converted stable block, the studios are home to emerging artists and designers supported by Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande charitable foundation. What could be more inspiring for budding designers than social events held at a statement bar clad in copper scales?

4. Jonnie Walker House, Beijing, China

The second Chinese whiskey bar on our list is Johnnie Walker House in Beijing. Designed by a creative collaboration between agencies Asylum and Love, it’s totally devoted to whiskey. On offer are a museum, blending rooms, a lounge and an exclusive members’ vault. And this flawlessly reflective bar in glossy polished copper.

5. Union Restaurant, Basel, Switzerland

Here’s an interior design that’s a real ode to copper. Almost every surface in the bar area of Union, in the Kleinbasel suburb of Basel, is coated in the metal. Walls, countertops and light fittings all gleam in polished natural copper. In the dining room, the walls are painted in a rich dark green and diners eat at vast, communal tables crafted in oak. And the copper theme is continued with subtle touches such as spherical lampshades and vintage copper vases.

6. The Standard Hotel, London, UK

Hidden inside the grey exterior of a brutalist Kings Cross Building, this hotel is contrastingly colourful. The entire place is filled with daring colour choices, as shown here in the bar. Mosaic tiles make up a modern chequer pattern in maroon, mustard and blush. This colour pallet accentuates the dazzling copper bartop, which beautifully mirrors the retro pink bar shelves above.

7. Buurt Cafe, Den Bosch, Netherlands

Here’s more proof that copper can go way beyond the dark and moody aesthetics. In this Dutch cafe bar, the metal is paired with springlike shades of green for a look that’s inviting and fresh. High ceilings give an airy, spacious feel, whilst thoughtful touches such as vintage bentwood bar stools and matching copper light fittings tie the deign together. The scuffs and scratches on the front of the bar show that ‘lived-in’ or aged copper can look just as good as when it’s shiny and new.

8. Ministry Co-Working Space, London, UK

What happens when an enduring nightclub brand decides to launch a co-working space? They create the coolest workplace in the land, of course. Ministry, located next to the world-famous London club, is a converted former printing factory. It keeps original features like wooden floors and exposed brickwork, with luxuries added in. There’s a cinema, a gym, a terrace and this: a showstopping, 70-foot long bar, clad in copper piping.

9. Magic Hour, Moxy Hotel Times Square, NYC, USA

What could be more glamorous than a rooftop bar in Manhattan? How about a rooftop bar in Manhattan that’s themed around the circus? The lavish Magic Hour is perched on the 18th floor of the Moxy boutique hotel, right in the buzzing centre of the Big Apple. Copper features throughout the rich design, but we love this cosy nook, resplendent with a standout elephant feature light and that shimmering bar, with its copper tiles.

10. Jamu, Melbourne, Australia

Copper takes a starring role in this sleek, contemporary Asian restaurant in Melbourne. With screens separating dining areas and a simple circle motif repeated throughout, the design nods to traditional Chinese architecture. Against a strict, monochromatic background of charcoal grey and black, the copper bar, furniture and walls pop. Copper is so often used alongside blues and greens, but this design shows how sophisticated it can look as part of a more serious palette.

Interested in installing a copper bar or bartop? Whether it’s for a commercial prodject or a special addition to your home, we can help. As well as natural copper creations, we make patinated copper, hand-ageing it in our Newcastle workshop. To find out more or ask for a quote, send us a message or give us a call on 0191 250 9853.


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