Brass is an amazing metal and lends itself to a huge range of design schemes and styles.

Perhaps that’s why this metal is still as popular now as it was hundreds of years ago!

Of course, advances in brass finishes also help.

The ability to artificially age brass to deliver a range of patinas, colours and visual experiences helps keep it in the mainstream.

Those finishes are the subject of today’s post.

We’re going to outline the range of brass finishes available at Halman Thompson.

Brass finishes from Halman Thompson

Each of these brass finishes is created by hand, to order, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. This provides a uniqueness many other interior design items cannot provide!

Wiltshire finish

The Wiltshire aged brass finish has a distressed feel that can work exceptionally well. It’s ideal for brightening up dark areas or dark furniture or for drawing the eye to something special.

Colours can be lighter or darker as required but the overall effect will be similar to the image above.

Berkshire finish

The Berkshire aged brass finish has a weathered look that’s often referred to as ‘bronzed brass’ thanks to its darker colour. It has a unique patina that offers a unique experience when close and when further away.

The Berkshire finish can be matt or gloss to provide different effects.

Cambridgeshire finish

The Cambridgeshire brushed brass finish exhibits the true luxury of brass. It’s a milled finish that allows the colour and character of the metal to shine through, no matter where you use it.

The Cambridgeshire aged brass finish is exceptionally popular as it can look amazing on the wall, as a splashback or something completely different.

Somerset finish

The Somerset finish is an aged brass finish with a finish reminiscent of stained glass. It’s a finish unique to brass and to Halman Thompson and is ideal for statement areas or statement pieces.

The Somerset aged brass finish delivers a vibrant patina that could look at home anywhere.

Natural brass finish

The natural brass finish shows this amazing metal at its best. It’s light, luxurious and delivers a relaxed feel that would look amazing in any space. It’s a subtle metal, content to fit into wider design schemes or stand out on its own.

The natural brass finish can be lacquered to retain the same look or left unlacquered so the patina changes over time.

How we create these amazing brass finishes

Every piece of aged brass from Halman Thompson is created by hand. Our artisans work the metal until it delivers the exact colour and finish you order, whether that’s aged or natural brass.

The ageing process is both simple and complex. It has only a few stages, but each stage has to be carefully managed to deliver the exceptional quality we look for.

Each piece of brass is precision cut to the exact size and shape required before being aged.

Ageing is a chemical process where the magic happens and has to be carefully managed to deliver the desired result.

Once the brass reaches the required finish, the ageing process is stopped and the metal sealed in a tough lacquer to protect the patina.

Once dry, the piece is ready for shipping.

Which is your favourite aged brass finish? Where would you use it? Tell us about it in the comments!

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