Copper has an amazing ability to transform a room in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to warm up a space or make it feel luxurious, few materials do that as well as copper.

You can use it anywhere, for almost anything, but use it in furniture to make a real statement.

To help provide the inspiration you’re looking for in your design, we have put together some of the best examples of copper furniture we could find.

We hope they deliver what you’re looking for!

Copper bath

Is a bath furniture? We’re saying yes as this copper bath with a rich warm interior and moody dark outside is amazing. It works exceptionally well against dark walls but would work equally well against light ones.

The flooring makes a difference too. The overall effect offsets the moodiness of the dark wall and exterior to create an exceptional look.

Copper plant stand

Looking for something simpler? A simple copper plant stand could be just what you’re looking for. It’s simple yet elegant, richly coloured yet not overbearing. It could work in any room style too.

It doesn’t have to be a plant stand. It could be an umbrella stand, shoe stand, or any simple construction made from copper!

Copper side table

We like this copper side table because it’s another simple design that elevates a room while providing quality of life benefits. It’s a simple pipe design, not dissimilar to the plant stand with a small table on the top.

You can also achieve the same effects with copper worktops or tables tops.

Who doesn’t need more tables in their life? This one provides a surface without getting in the way, a double benefit!

Painted copper furniture

There is no doubt that real copper works best, but copper paint can be almost as effective when used properly. This example of an upcycled chest of drawers would be very difficult to create or clad in copper, but paint works amazingly well.

There are some styles, like this one where metal just won’t work. That doesn’t mean you cannot have copper. It just means you have to use your ingenuity to achieve your goals.

More copper painted furniture

Here’s another example of painted copper furniture, this time with a pearl effect. It’s like the different patinas available with aged copper, only with paint. It’s a similar principle to the piece above but looks completely different. That’s what aged copper or copper effects can deliver.

Again, careful preparation and application of this paint can make a huge difference. As can choosing the right piece of furniture.

Copper wardrobe

Stick with us here, as the image is clearly not a wardrobe. But it does show you what a wardrobe could look like when covered in a copper sheet. Copper is very malleable and can be shaped into almost anything.

Covering a wardrobe door or any cupboard door like this adds real character to a room. Choose rich copper like this or aged copper with less impact. It’s a very simple way to level up an ordinary piece of furniture.

Copper furniture handles

Sometimes less is more, which is where copper furniture or door handles come in. They can work exceptionally well in many situations and provide light relief in many design schemes.

This example is just one of many that showcases just how copper can lift up a design and deliver an amazing look for very little money or effort.

Using copper furniture to elevate a space

As you can see, there’s a lot of scope to use copper around the home. It doesn’t matter what kind of scheme you’re going for or how much you have to spend, there’s something around that will fit the bill.

Hopefully, these examples will give you the inspiration you need to level up your own home with copper!

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