Wall panelling used to be a necessity, to hide poor quality plaster and off-plumb walls. It looks amazing in country houses and old pubs, but is increasingly finding a niche in our homes.

Wall cladding, when done right, can add a little something special to a room. It’s also relatively easy to put up and can cover all kinds of architectural faux pas.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some creative interior wall cladding.

Each adds a little something extra to a room and could be that amazing finishing touch you’re looking for.

Vertical wood cladding

We’re used to seeing wooden slats on the exterior of homes, but they also work well on interior walls too.

You can use a dark background with light wood or use LED lighting behind it to add even more interest. The options are many and there are lots of companies that can deliver high quality wood like this for not a lot of money.

Metal wall panels

Metal wall panels can add a little drama to a space. A high quality aged copper or aged brass look can complete a scheme or add a conversation piece.

Metal wall panels can be cut to any shape or size, be finished in a wide range of patinas and be fixed to the wall very easily.

It’s a simple, but very effective way to level up an interior design.

Half or full panelling

The classic Edwardian panel is making a serious comeback. Whether it’s a full wall, floor to ceiling or a half wall, panelling is surging back to popularity.

You can keep it classic with sober tones and partnering with picture rails and decorative coving, or go modern and match with complementing colours and contemporary touches.

We like the fact panelling is coming back as it makes a room much more interesting!

Reclaimed wood panels

Reclaimed wood panels are another creative way to add a finishing touch to a space. Whether you use driftwood, recycled pallets or wood from elsewhere, you get a rich tapestry of tones, colours and textures.

It’s easy to put up too and requires just basic tools. No wonder it’s so popular!

Patchwork cladding

Patchwork cladding is where you use off shapes to fill a space and add depth and texture. Wood offcuts, odd-shaped tiles, wood blocks of different depths. There are probably lots more options, but you get the idea.

Assembling the wall can be time consuming but it’s another simple process that can make a big statement.

Plywood sheet cladding

We have seen large plywood sheets used to great effect in interior design. As long as the plywood is of a good quality and is sanded and prepared, it can look amazing.

We have seen panels left as bare wood, whitewashed and painted. Each delivers a unique look with very little effort.

Bathroom wall panelling

Looking for something other than tiles for your bathroom? Wall panels could be the answer. They look like tiles but take less time to install and can be cheaper too.

There are a range of specially designed wall panels that can resist moisture and deliver that visual impact you’re looking for.

Tongue and groove wall cladding

Last, but certainly not least, is good old tongue and groove. Yes, it’s straight from the 1960s but with a modern twist.

Horizontal or vertical, sanded to a very fine finish and then painted in a range of modern colours. This decorating style has come a very long way since your grandma’s house and is definitely enjoying another round of popularity!


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