Unique Feature Wall With Glossy Cheshire Aged Copper Tiles

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cheshire aged copper tiles create a unique feature wall in living room

This feature wall is a true showstopper! Completed with our aged copper in a beautiful Cheshire finish and accentuated with a gloss lacquer for a decorative touch, it’s a shining example of how aged copper can redefine interior design.

The clever use of copper tiles as a TV backdrop not only adds a functional dimension but also elevates the room’s aesthetics and brightens the space around it. A great idea!

See how the copper feature doesn’t reach the full height of the wall? We think this decision transforms the copper into a real interior design feature, adding a dynamic dimension to the room and infusing it with distinctive character and style.

It just goes to show that thinking outside of the box and not always following standard design principles can bring a unique feel and certainly a captivating statement to the surroundings, especially with the use of aged copper sheets like this.


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October 24, 2023