Copper Worktops

Copper worktops from Halman Thompson deliver a distinctive character few other materials can provide. Each has a rich, deep patina along with hard wearing qualities, no wonder they are so popular!

Handmade copper worktops are perfect for the home, commercial premises, bars, restaurants, show homes and anywhere that could benefit from the radiant warmth of aged copper.

All copper worktops supplied by Halman Thompson are hand made and crafted by experienced professionals. They can be supplied as sheets or as complete worktops as required.

Sheets can be cut to any size or shape and the colour and character of the copper can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Contact our team for a personalised copper worktop quotation.


Each of our bespoke finishes can be purchased in sheets cut to your size, perfect for your project.
  • Pricing includes delivery and turnaround time is under 2 weeks
  • Each piece is coated in a gloss finish lacquer that prevents the sheet from further aging


We can provide bespoke cut metal with each of our finishes being wrapped around wood and lacquer finished.


Please get in touch for a bespoke quote. If you’re a business please use our Bespoke Quote for Businesses form.

Hand crafted copper worktops

Few metals have the depth of colour and warmth of copper. Whether you’re looking for natural copper, aged copper, verdigris or something else, there is a finish here that’s perfect for your needs.

We provide copper worktops in a range of finishes, including:

Each copper worktop can be designed and created to your specific requirements. Aged copper sheets can also be cut to almost any size or shape.

As we create every copper worktop to order, you can specify the colour, depth and tone of the metal.

If your project requires multiple copper sheets, we will age them together to create the closest possible match between them. A slight variation may be visible but we will do our best to minimise it.


We can provide your copper worktop as a copper sheet or as a fully finished worktop.

Copper sheets will need cutting and shaping to fit the installation and can then be fixed into place using adhesive or fixings.

We can also provide full worktops cut and shaped to your exact requirements.


Copper is a lovely metal with a character few other materials can match. It’s also a soft metal and prone to staining and damage. That’s why we protect all copper worktops with a tough lacquer.

That lacquer protects the worktop but also stops the ageing process. Keeping the lacquer in good condition is paramount. Therefore, we recommend only using warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean it.

Avoid using abrasives or chemical cleaners to protect the colour and character of the copper.

We provide a full installation and metal care guide with every copper worktop we sell.

Contact the team here at Halman Thompson for a personalised copper worktop quote! 


10 Captivating Copper Bars

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If you can dream it, we will create it.

In addition to our brass and copper finishes, our team of artisan designers and craftsmen are ready to project into reality. We work with a variety of woods and metals to create bars, tables, balustrades, staircases, worktops, and much more.
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