burnished copper sheet used as cupboard doors in classic kitchen design

There’s nothing quite like aged copper to transform a kitchen.

The material brings warmth and character that few other metals can provide, while the delicate specs of blue-green verdigris create this impressive heritage look that’s perfect for building a rustic aesthetic or industrial style design in any room.

This copper cupboard door project for My Fathers Heart features bespoke designs to display in their brand-new BORA lab.

We created these wonderful aged copper sheets using our custom Ayrshire Finish and fitted them to a set of cupboard doors for the client. Paired with a dark wood cabinet and minimalistic dark handles, we think you’ll agree they make quite the statement.

These photos are proof that you can upgrade your space without having to replace the entire kitchen. Add an aged copper splashback to the mix and you have an eye-catching interior that will be the talking point of any dinner guest!


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August 29, 2023